A Landscape Gardening Business Plan


Starting your own business in landscaping entails more than just little gardening or landscaping knowledge, acquiring tools and setting up your sign board. It also requires ‘A Landscape Gardening Business Plan’ to make your business flourish as healthily as the plants you grow.

Landscaping is a business involving your service and such businesses are considered to be the easiest business to start and succeed.

When you’re in a “service business”, very high importance must be given to your clients’ satisfaction since this will be the groundwork on which you build a flourishing and prosperous business.


Start by investigating and obtain the business permit that is necessary in your area if applicable to your Country. Most cities and states (in the US) require a business license which will be issued by the city and/or the state (or both). Your State may also require a certification or license for “landscape contractors”.

It is essential that you are well acquainted with your chosen field as well as having some basic business knowledge – both are important. Take time to acquire books on the subject and study the business of landscaping. Surf the internet for sites that feature landscaping as well information concerning managing a small business.  (Your knowledge will be your greatest asset in any business).

Your business niche will describe the ‘distinctive service’ that you can provide to your customers, and this should set you apart from other landscaping businesses.  There are many kinds of work that you can target, such as home clean-up work, commercial landscapes or interiorscapes, installing water gardens etc, etc.

For a start, targeting residential landscaping first is recommended and you can obtain it through word of mouth recommendations you obtain from satisfied customers that will refer you to others. Door to door promotion, flyers and newspaper classifieds, and eventually radio, or television advertising.

Landscapers really should have a trailer or a truck for picking up and delivering tools and materials such as plants, rocks, boulders, lumber, etc.

Keep in mind that in any business, clients will pay you only if and when you solve their problems or meet their needs. Therefore you must know and clearly outline your potential clients’ needs and wants. You should also get to know your client well to better understand what is expected of you. Alway check with the client that he/she is happy about the way you are proceeding with the work, as it’s very hard to ‘undo’ landscaping work and a lack of communication could result in very bad vibes between the client and yourself when it breaks down.

Many landscaping businesses were unsuccessful because they failed to pay close attention to the satisfaction of the client or not performing landscaping tasks well.  This does not necessarily mean that you do work poorly, this simply indicates understanding and performance should go hand in hand.

Bear in mind, a satisfied customer will be your greatest salesman.  Do make your clients happy and contented with your work.  This way, they will be your clients for life; what’s more, they will bring their friends and family to you and you will get positive feed back.

A Landscape Gardening Business Plan should dictate that you are listed in Google Places. Assuming that you are, always ask your customer to give you a reference there, and be sure to give them the ‘direct’ link to your Google Places page.

If you’ve not yet claimed your listing with Google, then please visit ‘The Local Business Booster’ site and get listed there ASAP to ensure your business is strategically placed in Your Local Neighbourhood.  http://localbusinessbooster.info

Actually, you should go there anyway if you are a Quality-Driven Local Business and see what other great resources are available to you to BOOST your client referral rate.



A Landscape Gardening Business Course

Books are one of the best investments for landscape designers. They are one of the most significant tools because landscaping books can provide vital information in a mobile format. You can carry them around in your truck or car so that you can reference them on-the-job if need be, and never be at a loss for words when your client asks you a difficult question, making you look even more professional in their eyes.

Good landscaping books contain everything that landscape designers or hobbyists need to know. They provide them with detailed descriptions of available designs and concepts used in landscaping.

Best of all, landscaping books do not just provide techniques and methods that are ideal for the activity, they provide different information regarding plants, the materials to be used, and other topics that have everything to do with landscaping and you’ll find many top rated books that you can read on your phone, tablet or Kindle almost anywhere in a good digital landscape gardening business course. If you like reading a ‘physical book’ then you simply print them off and keep them in a binder/folder to be referred to at any time you like.

Landscaping/gardening books are also known for their illustrative image displays. They provide vivid images so that people can clearly see the outcome of a particular landscaped garden design. The pictures are rich in colour and very detailed so that if you wish to use the design to get the same result it’s there, at hand and easily accessible.

One of the best things about referencing landscaping books is that they are not primarily focused on only the technical aspect of landscaping. These books are normally created by ‘true blue’ landscape artists, and their articles are written to reflect the personal views of the writer.

Landscaping books easily provide the best solutions to many problems that occur in landscaping. This is because most of these books are written by the experts themselves. These books project expertise from people who have learned to love, appreciate, and developed the art of landscaping. As the old adage goes, “Knowledge is power”  and a good digital landscape gardening business course is quite simply a ‘MUST’ for any professional Landscape Gardening Contractor.


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